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Maydell Perez S.

I leave you a small piece of my works as a multimedia designer, you will find different projects like branding, web design and photography little by little I will be uploading more projects that I have done,  so I let’s introduce you to my site.

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About me.

Hello, my name is Maydell Perez Santin, I born in Cuba, growth in Venezuela, established in the United Estate of America. I’m a multicultural person that decides to help to create better and enjoyable opportunities using a multimedia design field to promote success stories for business to others.

It’s a pleasure for me to provide my graphic design skills to reach better opportunities. I always carry on the table my best knowledge for better results.

I studied at various Graphic Design Technical Schools in Venezuela and Miami, Fl such as:

  • The English Center. Multimedia Design Vocational Career (Miami. Fl)

  • Professional Technical Center. (Aragua State, Venezuela)

  • UneWeb. (Capital District, Venezuela)

Also, I have other certifications in the Multimedia Design area as:


  • “PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS: Complete Guide to Photography”

  • “SHOPIFY POWER”: Build an E-commerce Website using Shopify”

  • “SEO Training + SEO for WordPress”

  • “Google My Busines”
    (Google Academy ONLINE COURSES)

I am a flexible and organized person, I like to work as part of an enthusiastic team, fast-paced environment and deadlines are not inconvenient for me.

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